A review of Victorian Wolves Supporters Club first 6 months by co-founder Rob Powell:-

When Andy and I were discussing the emerging Victorian Wolves Supporters Club (VWSC), it was built on the premise that we wanted to connect all Wolves supporters in Victoria. For ease of logistics, Melbourne was the obvious base. However, the overarching goal was to be inclusive to everyone, no matter where they lived.

We were also driven to connect ex-pats with locals who had a passion for the Wolves (and football in general), to build something special just like Nuno. We wanted to facilitate watching live games and generate some of the atmosphere in WV1 to the far reaches of Australia.

Our Objective

We were keen to make our members feel connected with the club, other supporters clubs around the world, via the Worldwide Wolves Supporters Club initiative, as well as our contacts back in the UK. We want to be able to welcome visitors to Australia or friends and family of our members.

While some of us have been lucky to return home and enjoy the ride at Molineux and on away days, the reality for the majority of our members is that they will not be as fortunate, therefore we need to make the experience as special as possible.

So how are we going 6 months in? VWSC has been incorporated into the Worldwide Wolves Supporters Club initiative set up by The Wolves. We have a membership website, a monthly newsletter, and a closed Facebook group. We have an active twitter account @vicwolves_sc that currently has 736 followers and have featured on The Wolves 77 Club podcast. We have been instrumental in generating content for Dazzling Dave’s YouTube global Wolves videos.

Recognition of our support

We are recognised as an official supporters group at The Imperial Hotel (The Impy), Bourke Street Melbourne, which guarantees they show all our televised games live, no matter what the time or day. Our members enjoy a 20% discount on all food and drink purchases. We have received positive feedback on our members and their behaviour.

Our friends at Melbourne Man City have embraced us, as have Melbourne Spurs. The local Liverpool fans aren’t quite sure what to make of us just yet. They probably won’t like us when we beat them at Anfield on the last day of the season. We are fast becoming everyone’s second team if there is such a thing.

Membership levels

We now have 60 members and 65 in our Facebook group, with 3 types of membership, overseas, interstate (Australia) and Victoria. 77 % of our members reside in Victoria, 13% overseas and 10% elsewhere in Australia.

Many travellers from interstate and overseas have joined us for games, John Shipley from Bridgenorth has visited twice, Steve Wlazlo, and his wife (Jo), from Wolverhampton, looked us up, and came to the Bristol City game. One of our members Stan Small is now working behind the bar at The Impy. Stan had uncle passing through Melbourne for the Man Utd game. His feedback was that it was just like being in a pub on Wolverhampton on a match day! Francesca is flying down from Sydney for the Watford semi-final and NataLee Howdle has her family from Wolverhampton joining us for the cup semi.

Away Days

In April we plan two trips to watch games out of Melbourne to connect the group, Geelong for the Southampton game and another planned to the Mornington Peninsula TBC (away days!)

Global contacts

I (@melbournewolf) have connected with a number of supporters in Wolverhampton whilst on a recent trip. I have also managed to watch a game in NYC with USA Wolves. Andy (@downunderwolf) has helped the other Australian supporters groups in NSW and Western Australia.

We are proud to be flying the flag in Australia and enjoying the Wolves revolution, long may it continue.


Our scorecard is looking fine. As Andy said “There has to be more Wolves fans out there”, well there are and we are tracking them down and connecting with them.

Victorian Wolves Supporters Club – ‘much more than a Facebook group’.

Building Something Big!
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Building Something Big!
There has to be more Wolves fans out there”, well there are and we are tracking them down and connecting with them.
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