It’s official!!!

We have been granted approved “Supporters Club” status by the Imperial Hotel!
This is massive news for our Club. We are now in a position of not having to ring the Imperial every time there is a game on and plead with them to show our match. Every game will be shown at the pub regardless of what day and what time. Even games kicking off at 3 am on a Monday morning will be available to us at the pub!
We will be formalising our relationship with the Imperial after the game on Tuesday morning, so keep your eyes peeled for more details early next week.
Now it’s over to us to show our support to them. The more people we have turning up to watch games the better. Our relationship is flourishing and we are becoming a valued member of their Supporters Club venture. They enjoy a very good relationship with the fans of Man City, Spurs and Liverpool. They also tell me that Southampton fans sometimes make an appearance. Not that I have ever seen one there! Over time, and as we continue to grow, we will show those other teams some true Black Country spirit and passion
Let’s get behind the boys on match days and repay the faith the Imperial has placed in us by getting us onboard with their supporters Club program.
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