Neil Warnock, otherwise affectionately known Colin Wanker by all Wolves fans, will be at the Golden Palace over the weekend. A polarising character at best, you either love him or hate him, with a little grey in the middle.

The on-field antics of last season poured more fuel on the fire, with Colin Wanker repeatedly screaming “Fuck Off” to Nuno after the dramatic and utterly bizarre penalty madness.

Wolves fans have very long memories and they won’t forget how badly Colin treated Nuno.

The rivalry between the Clubs

The mention of Cardiff City also seems to have the hackles of wolves fans up in a flash. Even before Colin Wanker took over as manager, there will no love lost between the 2 clubs. A survey by the Birmingham Mail’s sister media outlets at the start of the season had Cardiff identified as the Premier League club hated the most by Wolves fans.

If you believe anything that the Birmingham Mail prints when it comes to the Wolves, then a massive 85% of Wolves fans claimed to hate Cardiff. Quite an achievement for a small tinpot club based in Wales.

Looking back to 2013 on the Cardiff City forum, their fans seemed genuinely surprised that they had been banned from the pubs around Wolverhampton. The WM Police had enforced a change of kick-off to 2 pm on a Sunday rather than the traditional 3 pm kick-off on a Saturday.

Going further back in the annals of history, Wales Online reported on Cardiff fans clashing with Police at the Molineux on 2006. According to the article that flares up was attributed to someone mistakenly selling Cardiff fans alcohol during half time.

Needless to say, whatever sparked off the original issues between the two clubs runs quite deep. Having lost at Cardiff earlier in the season, The Pack will be in full vocal cry on Saturday, as they seek revenge and try to get another one over dear Colin.

Who is Colin Wanker?

For a man who hardly reached the peak of fame during his playing career, he has certainly ruffled more than a few feathers as a manager.

From 1967 to 1979 Warnock played 327 career games, scoring 36 goals. He played for 8 clubs (Chesterfield, Rotherham, Hartlepool, Scunthorpe. Aldershot, Barnsley, York and Crewe) during his professional career. His CV reads a bit like a nomadic salesperson trying to make it to the big time, a couple of years here, followed by another 2-year stint before moving on again.

His managerial record doesn’t read much better. 17 clubs since 1980 hardly demonstrates stability. Perhaps it also highlights the lack of success he has been able to bring to each of theses clubs? There have been a number of promotions won, but the “sacked” column outweighs his successes

Those that know their football trivia will know that Colin’s first game in charge of a football league side was the opening game of the 1987/88 season. This was the infamous Scarborough away which ended 2-2. A game better remembered for the violence and for the fan who fell through the roof.


Colin is well known for his hard hitting comments and questionable tactics. It’s not just the opposition that cop for it either. He isn’t too averse to giving it to his own players.

His passionate half-time team talks are legendary. Just ask any Huddersfield Town player who played at Shrewsbury during the 94/95 promotion season. They lost, if you can’t work it out from the video.

During his entire managerial career, Warnock has been seen as a great motivator of players. he has the ability to squeeze more out of a group of players than most. This was probably very evident last season, when he got Cardiff promoted to the Premier League. On paper, their squad should never have been anywhere near the play off places, let alone gaining automatic promotion.

Unfortunately, there have been some dark moments in Colin’s career. None more so than when he was accused of cheating at a game held at the Poorthorns. The Board of Directors felt compelled to apologise to the Board and fans of West Brom would indicate they were very happy with his actions.

Recent events

The tragic death of Emiliano Sala had a huge impact on Warnock. He went on record to say it had been the worst week he had ever had in football. Despite the fact that Sala never played for the Bluebirds, the impact felt by the Club, and in particular, Colin, was  palpable. Rivalries aside no club, manager or set of players should ever have to go through anything like that ever again.

Yet in all of the outpouring of grief, good old Colin couldn’t help himself, with a wonderful dig at Gary Lineker.

Love him or hate him, I think it’s fair to say that most football fans deep down have a small amount of mutual respect for the man. It is no secret that he would have loved the opportunity to manage our Club. Perhaps fortunately for us, we have moved past the point were a manager in Colin’s mould would have a been a perfect fit.

There will be a wonderful atmosphere at the Golden Palace on Saturday. 30 odd thousand Wolves fans all screaming “Neli Warnock is a Wanker” at the top of their voices. Every bad tackle will be met with a thunderous groans. Wolves goals will be celebrated with glee. The win will mean a hell of a lot to those in Old Gold & Black.

Colin will love every minute it!

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