When you are born in Wolverhampton the choice of football team is a pretty simple one. If you live a few kilometres south of the city, things can become a little more complex. Family ties to those 3 horrible Birmingham based clubs begin to have an influence. Fathers want their sons and daughters to follow the family tradition. As we reinforce our position as the West Midlands premier club, many youngsters will be turning their backs on this tradition and will become life long Wolves fans.

We have supporters that are located all over the world, who are just as fanatical as those born in Wolverhampton.  For an ex-pat nothing really changes, apart from the travelling distance to The Golden Palace. So how do people who live thousands of kilometres away, with no ties to Wolverhampton, become passionate Wolves supporters? To answer this question, we chatted with one of our members Nick Kokoris

Nick has never set foot in Wolverhampton, yet they he is as fully committed to the club as those of us who were born there.

Nick’s story

I was born in Greece, from the city of Sparta. My father brought the whole family to Melbourne in 1974 when I was 10 years old.

Having grown up in Greece the only game I really knew was football. In Australia in the 70s the only football on TV was the replay from England in black and white on Match Of The Day.

As a youngster I also had a great interest in ancient Spartan history and society. I used to read a lot about famous Spartans like Leonidas and Lycurgus.

Lycurgus was the famous leader and  lawgiver of Sparta who established the military-oriented reformation of Spartan society. All his reforms promoted the three Spartan virtues: equality (among citizens), military fitness, and austerity

Lykourgos is a male name which meant “deed of a wolf” (from (lykos) meaning ” wolf” and (ergon) meaning “deed, work”).

Wolves on TV

When I saw Wolves on TV for the first time I kind of drew a strange connection. I liked the name because it reminded me of Lycurgus and thus I adopted them as my team. The colours of the strip and emblem also appealed to me. Regardless of how well we were doing, I have followed them through thick and thin ever since.

Buying the English papers, any old match day programs from second hand bookstores and basically anything Wolves related I could find became a bit of an obsession for me. 


In the early 90’s when I had a job and was earning money so I would to write letters to the club. They would post me merchandise catalogues so I could order shirts caps and scarves via UK mail. They took forever to arrive.

Staying up at all hours and listening to a live broadcast from England on the radio, where they would go around the grounds and give score updates became my weekend ritual.

I was an overseas Wolves member throughout the 90’s allowing me to support the club financially, even though I couldn’t attend games.

Supporting the Wolves in Australia

During the early 90’s I became a member of a supporters club called New South Wolves. Members were able to watch replays of games that were distributed to the members (pre internet days) The games were taped by someone’s family in the UK and then videos were posted to Australia. You had a week to watch and then post it on to the next guy on the list. We used to see the games about 3 months later but it was great!!

I used to record all the games on VHS before I sent them to the next person on the list. I think they’re in my garage in storage boxes somewhere…

There was also a magazine produced. I still have the magazines at home.

Wolves are my passion, even though I’m not from there. It started when I was a youngster and continues to this day and beyond. Everyone that knows me is aware.

Long may it continue.

A Passion For Wolves
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A Passion For Wolves
A Passion for Wolves When you are born in Wolverhampton the choice of football team is a pretty simple one. So how do people who have never set foot in Wolverhampton become passionate fans?
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